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Bridge Conference Speakers

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Pat Holland
Anointed to Minister

Jesus modeled anointed ministry. Children’s Ministry leaders need the anointing of God’s Spirit to make the Bible Come Alive in children’s hearts. We'll talk about why the anointing is vital and how you can minister more effectively in that anointing.
Bob Ashton
Recruiting / Managing Workers

Move from doing it all by yourself to having a team of workers to help you. We will discuss where to find volunteers and how to keep them.

Altar Ministry to / for Children

After the message now what? Learn how to make time for the kids to respond to the message. We will discuss the different type of altar calls and how often you should have one. Learn how to train your volunteers on altar ministry to children.
Lori Warning

Tru Fire curriculum equips leaders with Spirit-empowered lessons that help kids engage with God & respond to him through the power of the Holy Spirit. Experience Tru Fire like a child would on a typical Sunday. Gain insight into a typical lesson and explore the curriculum’s main features.

Girls Ministries

The key to curriculum is knowing how you use it. Identify key elements and resources that can enhance your club time and support themes and topics being discussed.
Billy & Tina Ginn
Your First Ministry – The Family?

A healthy biblical balance between church life and family life is sometimes difficult. More and more activities and responsibilities can often sideline our spouse and leave them feeling that the church is more important than them. This workshop will show practical steps to ensure that your first ministry is to the family.
Paul Gaskin
Something from Nothing

In this “Something from Nothing” workshop you will be shown practical application and hands on experience of how to take your ministry and outreach ministries from blah to BAMMMMMM!!! All that we ask is to take this information and use it to its fullest extent…
Nicolette Lackey-Thomas
Shadow Ministry

The goal is to provide the ability for each child to join in Children’s Services to the full extent that they are able, while at the same time allowing their family to participate fully in the adult worship service.
We will share with you the process of an existing Shadow ministry’s development as well as information
and tips on implementation of your own program. Let’s explore the joy in opening the door into your ministry for children and families with special needs.
Sandi Ricciardelli
Captivating Stories

A good story needs to be told. However, there are easy tricks you can do for making sure that the good story is heard and remembered. Jesus is our greatest example of making the lesson relatable and unforgettable. Learn how to captivate your audience, from toddlers to adults, with fun and attention-retaining solutions, making modern parables. Discover how you can enjoy telling the story as much as your audience will enjoy learning it.
Brad & Patti Belding
Balloons in Ministry

Pastor Brad Belding and his wife Patti, will be teaching basic, and intermediate balloon twisting. How you can use balloons in your Sunday lesson, or how you can use them in an outreach. Balloons can be a great reward, they can be a great object lesson, and they can draw attention to your ministry or missions trip. We will also will share a few minutes on how to create your own balloon towers/arches.
Kim Browning
Girls Ministry

Ministry to girls have very unique obstacles but also awesome opportunities. Girls Ministry meets the needs of the young ladies in our churches today, with fun interactive age appropriate groups. Driven by relationship and planted in the gospel foundation are the earmarks of a successful ministry to girls. Check out this workshop to learn the in’s and out’s of conducting a great Girls Ministry program.
Dr. Harry Pearson
Self-Care in Ministry

What it looks like to be healthy in Christ and in ministry. As we all know ministry can be challenging and sometimes feel isolated and alone. We'll look at practical steps to keeping Christ first and formost and health practices we can do to maintain our spiritual and mental health.
Adam & Caleb Ricciardelli
Media in Ministry

Kids today are surround by media and if you want to keep kids engaged and involved in your Kids Church service, it needs to be multi-sensorial. Media adds a dynamic to your services unlike anything else. Whether you are part of a team or a lone wolf teaching kids, incorporating media makes an impact. This introduces you to new resources available at free or little cost and gives ideas on how to create atmospheres with media and music. Interactive and fun, don't miss it!
Ed & Kristy Frost
Creative Ideas to Increase BGMC Giving

We all can agree that giving to missions is important. How we enstill a heart of compassion in the kids we minister too can be challenging. This workshop will share some funand creative ways we motivate kids to think outside themselves and give to others.
Randy Davis
Investing in a Special Friends Ministry

This workshop focuses on being a church with open arms and will show you how to launch a special needs ministry. It is important to reach this overlooked group of people in your community and learn what families with members who have special needs really need from you! But you can’t do it on your own, so you need to recruiting the right volunteers and find how using improve in your ministry can make all the difference.
Jerry Smith
Gospel Magic

During my more than thirty years of ministry I have learned how to use many methods to teach children the Gospel message. Gospel illusions help capture the children’s attention and make the teaching of God’s word come alive. This workshop will help the children you teach to get a better understanding of just how great the Lord is.
Ken Owen
In Your Face Puppetry

Have you ever wanted to add an incredible super tool to your kid's ministry? Something that will make your kids sit on the edge of their seat? Something that won't just make them smile but also he them grab the concept you are teaching...Then you don't want to miss this workshop! In Your Face Puppetry is one of my favorite "go to" tools in Kids Ministry and I believe it will be one of yours too!
Matt & Kasandra Hoag
The Practical behind the Spiritual

Ever struggled with the why behind what? This class is about starting conversations on how we can practically live out our callings in ministry. Whether you are a full time, part time or volunteer, sometimes ministry gets messy and we need to know why we do what we do.
Frank Trezoglou
The WHAT, WHY and HOW of children’s ministry.

In this workshop we will discuss WHY we work with children, WHAT do we teach children and HOW do we get that done. A theological basis of Children’s Ministry will be presented along with the practical application of that idea. Theory and practice will be discussed and explored.
Allen Melton
Church Security

In today's culture security and church safety is of the utmost importance. Former United States Department of Justice Special Agent Allen Melton will walk you through some of the key steps to help you prepare your church or ministry today!
Matt Shearer
Object Lessons

Do you want to make your presentations more exciting? In this workshop, you will receive ideas and see a collection of object lessons used in kid’s church! Simple items in your house can be used as a tool to present the gospel. Come on out to this workshop to make ordinary items make a memorable difference in the lives of children.
Josh Simpson
Influencing Team and Leadership

4 easy steps to increase your influence with your team and leadership. leveraging gifts that we are all given to further the call on our lives.
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